Drosera latifolia

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Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Peaty wetlands of the Brazilian highlands
Zones: 8-9 (7-10)

The Broad Leaf Sundew, Drosera latifolia, is endemic to and widespread in the Brazilian highlands. It is a low-growing, compact, rosette-forming sundew with dark red coloration in full sun. It is very pretty, and easy to grow. It is a subtropical sundew with leaves year round. It tolerates a wide range of growing conditions, but prefers open, sunny, boggy conditions in peaty soils. The flowers are small and pink with several on a scape, but usually only one is open at a time. It is self-fertile, and generously produces seeds that can be sown immediately or stored in cool, dry conditions for a year or more. It easily makes leaf and root cuttings.

Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss or in a domed 2.5" pot. Size description will indicate which. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 1" - 1.5"
Plant Type: Perennial, subtropical
Soil: Lower Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well in the protected bog garden, greenhouse and indoors. It is a great terrarium plant.

Customer Reviews

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Ed Snow

Very healthy and pretty plant.
Highly recommend.

Christmas came early

Ordered this little guy and a nepenthes for Christmas and they came happy and healthy. Can’t wait for this little guy to grow big when the spring comes!

Worst plant I’ve ordered so far.

Got sent a extra small plant for 15$. Out of all the places I’ve ordered from this has been the worst. Going to need perfect conditions to get this plant to grow. You are better off going into a discord and paying an extra 5 dollars for a real plant. Considering this is a 15 dollar plant you would expect to get a medium sized plant.


Ordered a small, potted version of this plant. I was a little worried about it, because it was delayed in transit, but it showed up looking great. It was carefully packaged, and had 0 damage on arrival. Very happy with it.

William Denman
Broad Leaf Sundew

As background, I grow D.rotundifolia, D.filiformis, D.binata and D.roseana. This plant looked interesting and easy. One picture is just the day it arrived, potted and packed amazingly well, and just after careful unwrapping. The second picture is one month later, many new leaves, a second crown growing out. It has just been moved outside. Very nice plant, I can recommend it. I am very satisfied.

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